A wall mounted toilet brush holder can be an appropriate bathroom brush holder accessory if you do not have a very spacious lavatory. A wall-mounted holder can match the overall décor of your bathroom or internal space, and make it look more beautiful. It can add the practicality as well as the much-needed elegance to your space. Find out about some of the top things that you should consider before choosing one of these types of holder.

Size It is important to note that a wall mounted toilet brush holder comes in varied sizes and shapes. However, you should choose a size that is perfect for the amount of space that you have in the bathroom. Although the holders are wall-mounted in form, a larger one can look slightly bad choices on shorter walls.

Wall Mounted Toilet Brush Holder

Finishes These come in varied finishes, such as brushed stainless steel, chrome or wood. All these look amazing in appearance, and happen to be highly waterproof and durable in form. It is also worth noting that cleaning and maintaining some types of finishes can be slightly time-consuming and painstaking. You would like to go for a brush holder with a finish that can be maintained easily. Although ceramic holders are available in varied sizes and shapes, these could break or chip with continued or slightly rough use. You have to invest on fixing these, although this can easily be done. However, it always makes sense to go for nickel, brush or bronze holders that are low on maintenance.

Wall Mounted Toilet Brush Holder

Appearance You should also focus on the appearance factor of the wall mounted toilet brush holder. For traditional as well as modern bathrooms, brushed nickel holders prove to be a great choice. These have a soft stain finish that makes them look chic. Brushed nickel holders compare well with chrome or brass, as chrome holders can look nice when set up for the first time but need plenty of maintenance over the long term. The finish might also fade after some months.

Multi-purpose Models It is possible for you to find toilet brush holders that also serve as toilet roll holders. Some of these also come fitted with mirrors, which let you see your face easily. Keep in mind that these cost slightly higher than the regular holders, due to the added functionality that they come with.

Wall Mounted Toilet Brush Holder

Price Keep in mind that the cost of these holders generally begin from under 10 dollars, but can be over $100 when it comes to designer wall mounted toilet brush holder that is made out of costly materials. Multi-purpose holders can be expensive to buy as well. It is worth noting that some types of wooden finishes can be quite costly, and it is essential to read about the expensive ones. It is a good idea to compare the costs of toilet brush holders, in online as well as in offline stores. If you are looking for a more affordable wall mounted toilet brush holder, it is sensible to opt for online stores. As web-based stores do not have overhead costs to bear, you can easily be offered a much lower price than what land-based stores can offer.

Functionality What you need is highly functional silver bathroom accessories. However, there are those you might bring home only to find that their less functional. Functionality of a bathroom accessories matters than anything. It is good to bring home an accessory of great style and look but without functionality that product isn’t important. Functionality comes before anything thus worth your attention before purchasing silver bathroom accessories. Bathroom shelves are important components for any type of bathroom space, and can add glamour to your decor and design. These offer countertop space, which is a perfect place for faucets and sink, and a nice storage space underneath. Shelves or cabinets are essential, in order to keep important bathroom accessories easy to access for all users. These can reduce clutter and do a lot to organize toilets. When it comes to bathroom storage space, shelves can matter a lot. Find out how to choose modern bathroom shelves for your home.

When choosing a wall-mounted toilet brush holder, it’s important to consider factors such as the size and style of your bathroom, the materials used in the holder’s construction, and the overall durability and functionality of the product.

To install a wall-mounted toilet brush holder, you will need to locate a suitable spot on the wall near your toilet and use appropriate hardware to secure the holder in place. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure a secure and stable installation.












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