How to choose an appropriate wig with high quality

There are many kinds of wigs in the market, we don’t know which one to buy or in other words, which one seems more real and fits ourselves better. Quality of those wigs are uneven. Some may be very bad, which will make people know that you are wearing a wig. However, those good ones can make it feels like real. You may actually have beautiful long hair from the view of others. If others find that you are wearing a wig, they might look down upon you, sometimes they may also think that you are ridiculous, which may embarrass you in your deepest inside. Followings are some details about how to choose an appropriate wig with high quality.

Currently on the market, types of wigs can be divided into chemical fiber silk, real hair wigs and chemical fiber mixed with the hair silk.

First: Chemical fiber silk is common, because the price is cheap, but the effect is so bad. Unless you are playing with cosplay video games, or runway catwalk models, the texture of the wigs in real life are not very suitable for go shopping.

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Fashion full natural cosplay wig
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Second: Celebrity wigs made of real hair is often used in TV shows, but the price is expensive.

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Celebrity Wigs

Celebrity Lace Wigs
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Third: Chemical fiber combined with the real hair can be the best choice if you need to wear wigs to go outside. Because this kind of wigs can achieve the result just like those real ones.

Aurora Lace Front Synthetic Wig by Beverly Johnson
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Synthetic wigs are durable and can be matched to your own hair color and desired cut
synthetic wigs

1: Attention should be paid to the net of the wig and figure out what material it used. When choosing wigs, first we need to know that whether the material is comfort and permeability or not. Try and figure out whether it is itch or stimulus. Then pull the wig to see whether it is elastic, do not choose those too loose. Because the wig will not be so tight as before after a period of time. But not too tight neither, you can figure out the conditional status for yourself, that is the best.

Dark Brown Bob Wig

2: You can burn it with fire, or blowing to make out the hair is good or bad. Then see the hair quality. Generally speaking, if the quality is too bad, it will burn with a bad smell. While, if it is with good quality.

Wigs for black

3: To choose wigs according to your own skin color. You’d better choose those wigs with your own hair color. If your skin color is white, you can choose yellowish or brownish wigs. If your skin color is relatively black, you can wear black wigs or grayish wigs. When you are invited to some parties, such as cocktail parties or wedding parties, you can choose wigs according to the lights. For example, wine red wigs, yellow wigs or purplish wigs can also be OK.