Buy new bathroom faucets to change the look of your home

If you’re looking to update the look of your bathroom, installing new faucets can be a great way to do it.  People generally gave importance to the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom. But the bathroom was much ignored. Gone are the days, when the bathroom was found to be dull and uninteresting. Bathroom faucets no more are meant only for functional purpose. These days, there are available numerous finishes and styles to select from. There have emerged numerous manufacturers in the domain who have been coming out with different types of attractive products made from variety of materials, designs, shapes, sizes and prices. Hence, customers are simply spoilt for choice. Gold Bathroom Faucets do make fabulous options to choose from.


When trying to choose the bathroom faucet (homerises), avoid choosing the cheap ones just to save some money. The valves are undoubtedly a crucial part of the faucet and hence, selecting brass base metal or solid brass valves can save you from leaks and aggravation.

The Gold Bathroom Faucets available these days feature waterless valves. The ones with cartridge or ceramic disc models are less prone towards leaking and are durable.


When considering style for the bathroom faucet, it will be wise to coordinate with the shower fixtures and bathtub to get complete, coordinating look in the bathroom. Mammoth styles are available ranging from sleek, contemporary looks to vintage looks in bathroom faucets. You can come across bathroom faucets with single-handle lever units, variety of spout types including goose neck and the high rise as well as separate cold and hot handles if preferred. Shampooing is much easier with high rise spout. In case, this option is selected, then ensure that the depth of the basin is sufficient to avoid splashing.


At the leading shopping portals, you can easily come across bathroom faucet finish that will suit any taste easily. The traditionally polished chrome type is the most popular one along with the Gold Bathroom Faucets. The gleaming finish is found to be quite attractive. However, it does require a good amount of maintenance and upkeep due to water spotting.

Brushed finishes like brushed nickel or brushed chrome offer less gleam. However, they are equally stylish, attractive and easy to maintain especially in any busy household. Also are available rubbed finishes which can add to the styling and provide that vintage look. Black and copper faucets are also available. For the existing sink, it will be useful to choose the most appropriate bathroom faucet.

In case, you do not start fresh with new faucets and sink, then it becomes essential to match up the faucet with the sink. Again, if the faucet is directly installed to the sink, then it is essential to be determined if existing sink set up is made for minispread, single hole, centerset or widespread faucets. Accordingly, it is necessary to match the existing holes.

The centerset faucets are those in which spout and handles are mounted to the single base. Widespread and minispread faucets are those where every faucet element assembly gets installed individually to the sink. The single hole can be termed to be self explanatory.

If you’re not comfortable installing the faucets yourself, consider hiring a professional plumber to do the job for you.