7 Types of Elegant Bridesmaid Dresses

You need to pay much attention when you are choosing a bridesmaid dress. So, how can we choose bridesmaid dresses indeed? Thinking about the theme of the wedding, your bridesmaid dress should fit the theme. At the

Some people especially love polka dots curtains

Some people especially love polka dots curtains, and such curtains are applied to everywhere of the house. But if it is suitable for all the places? So we will introduce you the following 7 different styles polka

Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

1. PURPLE BRIDESMAID DRESSES HOT ALL THE WHILE 2. Satin Empire Floor Length Ruched Purple Bridesmaid Dresses With Sashes http://aubridal.com 3. Dark Purple Bridesmaid Dresses 4. ONE-SHOULDER BACKLESS PURPLE BRIDESMAID DRESSES http://www.ltdress.com 5. Scoop Neckline Purple Chiffon

Pink bridesmaid dresses

Pink color can be a good choice for the wedding day. Colors too bright may let others think that you are not steady. So, whether to choose dark color or bright color, it’s meant to you. Take

Modern Curtains can make your home perfect

Actually which kind of curtains can be called as modern curtains? Just follow the trend, when others come to your home and surprised by your curtains. Amazing!! Thats all they can think. Then, you can call your

Lace curtains, the romantic angel in your room

Lace, the fabric of romantic can be used as lace curtains for the new couple. Lace can always give people the feeling of elegant, beautiful appliques are added to make curtains much more beautiful. The price of

Bay window curtains

Little cabin with bay window can visually extend the indoor space, and it will make the room seem more comfortable and peaceful. You can not only have a bright house, but also enjoy the outdoor beautiful scenery.

How to choose a kids curtain for your baby

When kids are going to have a sleep, what they need is the feeling of security. Only when they feel that they are safe then they can have a sweet dream, a nice sleep. So, how to

How to match colors for floral sheer curtains

Bedroom is a relaxing and cozy space, so when we choose curtains, we need both decorative and practical, but also we can choose some romantic colors and styles, here we come to understand the relevant knowledge about

How to wash curtains

Pure cotton curtains fabric is good at alkali resistance, which can be washed by soap or detergent. Water temperature should be controlled below 35℃. And the curtains can be soaked in warm water for 1 to 2